Rackings, Shelvings & Structural platforms




We are experienced in providing tailored storage solutions. Our service package includes:

  • Site visit to understand your requirements and specifications
  • Design of storage plan by experienced Project Planning personnel and AutoCAD engineers
  • Provision of material and installation of storage system
  • Consultation on BCA/SCDF safety submission


We have our very own metal works technician to modify standard-type frames and beams to suit your requirements.


Our experienced operations team is able to provide a quick and tidy dismantling of your existing storage systems to make way for a new set of cargo & storage system or a repurposing of the site.


In fast-paced worksites, accidents are not uncommon and they can be costly, cause delays to your operations or even injuries.

We have a proven track record of providing timely and quality repair services when accidents occur. More importantly, we recommend putting in place appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Here are some common issues in industrial material handling & storage and our recommended solutions:

  • MHEs colliding into racks
    – Install safety barriers, rail guides, frame protectors etc.
  • Cargo falling off the other side of the rack during loading
    – Install safety nets such as wiremesh back panels, pallet back stoppers etc.
  • Cargo falling through the racks during loading
    – Install pallet support bars
  • Racks collapsing
    – Install wall ties
    – Ensure balanced distribution of weight across rackings


  • Flexible arrangements – No minimum quantity
  • Self-collection for small quantities, transportation services at competitive prices for medium to large quantities

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Product Types


+ Able to withstand heavy industrial loads
+ Maximum utilisation of vertical space
+ Wide span allows storage of large/irregular goods

  • Selective Racking System
    Single rows of pallet rackings are placed back to back
    + Time-efficient – Each pallet is immediately accessible
    + Accessible by any regular forklift or reach truck
  • Double-Deep Racking System
    2 rows of pallet rackings are placed back to back, i.e. 4 rows are grouped together
    + Space-efficient – no. of aisles are reduced
    + We are able to provide specialised MHEs to reach into the inner row of racks
  • Drive-In/Drive-through Racking System
    Cargo can be pushed deeper into the back of the racking system to allow for more storage. Pallets can be retrieved from one end (Drive-In Racking System) or two ends (Drive-Through Racking System)

Image of Drive-In Racking System
Drive-In Racking System. Image source: Jungheinrich.

  • Cantilever Racking System
    Beams are anchored only on one end; the other hand is free-hanging and unobstructed
    + Good for storing oversized, long items such as PVC carpets, timber etc.

Image of Cantilever Racking System
Cantilever Racking System. Image source: Hyster.

  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system
    + Able to increase storage efficiency by 40-50% by reducing aisle space
    + We are able to provide VNA Trucks which are specially built to navigate VNA storage systems


+ Perfect for storing items that need to be accessed by hand, e.g. books, small containers of food supplies, medicine etc.
+ Counter-like supporting surfaces; able to store small objects without boxing or bundling the materials together


A structural platform that acts as an intermediate floor in the worksite
+ Allows for separate work processes to be carried out on the ground floor and mezzanine platform
+ Enables easier inspection of goods
+ Fitted with staircase to enable easy access


  • Pallet support bars
  • Safety barriers
  • Rail guides
  • Wall ties
  • Frame/Upright protectors
  • Wiremesh back panels
  • Pallet back stoppers
  • Labels
  • …and more


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